Construction began on the Fairmont Army Air Field September 17, 1942. Located east of here, it was one of eleven built in Nebraska during World War II.

The 1,980 acre field began as a satellite of the Topeka Army Air Base. Early in 1943 the name was changed to Fairmont Army Air Field. A short lived training school gave way to the 451st Bombardment Group, Which arrived in September 1943. Other groups were the 485th, 504th, 16th, 98th, 467th and 489th.

Hangers of various sizes housed B-24s, B-17s, and B-29s. Extensive concrete runways and other structures were built. The field had barracks for nearly 6,000 officers and enlisted men. Its 350 bed hospital was the largest in nebraska.

In september 1944 Lt. Col. Paul Tibbits visited Fairmont and selected the 393rd Bomb Squadron of the 504th to join the 509th Composite Group at Wendover Field, Utah. This group dropped both atomic bombs on Japan.

The field was declared surplus in the spring of 1946.

Nebraska State Historical Society
Fillmore County Historical Society
451st Bombardment Group (H) Ltd.
Robert M. Karstensen, Sr.,President
2.5 miles south of Fairmont on Hwy. 81
Fillmore County
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