Benjamin Wagoner Memorial Cemetery

Benjamin Wagoner homesteaded this land in 1870. In 1882 his widow, Catharine Fouts Wagoner, gave these… Read More

Republican Pawnee Village

Near here was a large permanent village of the Republican band of the Pawnee tribe which may have been… Read More

Grace Episcopal Church

Built in 1884 on the corner of Second and Walnut, the Grace Protestant Episcopal Church was moved to… Read More

Emmanuel Lutheran Church 1904-1952

Three German Lutheran congregations, Zion, Salem, and Emmanuel, built churches in Stillwater Precinct,… Read More


Here on the Divide between the Republican and the Little Blue lived some of the most courageous people… Read More

Red Cloud 1871-1971

Red Cloud, named for the Oglala Sioux chief, was founded early in 1871 on homestead land filed upon by… Read More

School District 35 "The Killough School"

District 35 provided education through the eighth grade from 1879 until 1958. The schoolhouse sat upon… Read More

Cather Childhood Home

Built ca. 1876, this is the house in which Willa Cather lived from 1884 to 1890. She describes it in… Read More

Webster County 1871-1971

On April 10, 1871, Acting Governor William James issued a proclamation calling for the organization of… Read More

Burlington Depot

Built in 1897, the main section of Red Cloud’s Burlington Depot contained sleeping quarters on the second… Read More

St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Church

The St. Falconieri Catholic Church was built in 1883 of brick fired at Red Cloud. It served Red Cloud’s… Read More

Cowles Consolidated School, 1913-1959

The village of Cowles, founded in 1878 and incorporated in 1912, in 1913 approved a bond issue of $14,000… Read More

Willa Cather Memorial Prairie

Willa Cather first came to Webster County from Virginia in 1883 at the age of nine. The vast open prairies… Read More