Scottsbluff Army Air Field

During World War II, the U.S. Army Air Forces operated a Satellite air field at this site. In the fall… Read More

The Horse Creek Treaty - Map

(Legend under map) Beyond the tree line about 2 3/4 miles in front of this marker, Horse… Read More

Fort Mitchell, 1864-1867

Mitchell Pass and the city of Mitchell, Nebraska, derive their names from a military post built near… Read More

Rebecca Winters

Rebecca Winters, daughter of Gideon Burdick, a drummer boy in Washington’s army, was born in New York… Read More

The Horse Creek Treaty

The treaty was proposed by former fur trader Thomas Fitzpatrick, Upper Platte Indian agent, supported… Read More

"The Great Smoke"

From all directions they came in late summer 1851--Plains Indian tribes, summoned by government officials… Read More