Sarpy County Map

Bellevue Log Cabin
19th and Hancock Sts., Bellevue #186

First Presbyterian Church
Bellevue Blvd. and 20th Ave., Bellevue #53

Springfield Community Hall
104 Main St., Springfield #410

Gretna Fish Hatchery
South of Gretna and the Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium
in Schramm State Recreation Area #284

Bellevue Depot
(removed in 1987) Haworth Park, Bellevue #187

The Great Platte Valley
I-80 rest area, westbound, Melia Hill #61

Oto Mission
U.S. 78/75, south of Bellevue #10

U.S. 73/75, south of Bellevue #12

Fontenelle Bank - County Courthouse
(replaced 51) Nebr. 370, Main and Mission Streets
northwest corner Bellevue #163