Bellevue Log Cabin

This log cabin was built about 1835 in the Missouri River floodplains. Soon after 1835 cholera occurred… Read More

Springfield Community Hall

The Springfield Community Hall was constructed between 1938 and 1940 by the Works Progress Administration,… Read More

Gretna Fish Hatchery

In 1879, the State Legislature created the Board of Fish Commissioners, the forerunner of the Nebraska… Read More

Bellevue Depot

After losing the territorial capital and watching the grade of the proposed route of the transcontinental… Read More

The Great Platte Valley

Here is the great Platte Valley, Highway to the West. On these nearby bluffs prehistoric Indians built… Read More

Oto Mission

The mission established by Moses Merrill about three miles west of here was an early attempt to make… Read More


Bellevue, gateway to the upper Missouri and the fur trade empire, is the oldest continuous settlement… Read More

Fontenelle Bank - County Courthouse

This building of handmade bricks was constructed in 1856 to serve as the Fontenelle Bank. During the… Read More

First Presbyterian Church

Before the organization of Nebraska Territory in 1854, missions were established among the Indian tribes… Read More