Agricultural Park

Due to the generosity of Mrs. Albert Gehner, Mr. Theodore Friedhof, and many other benefactors, this… Read More

The Villasur Expedition - 1720

In June 1720 a Spanish military force led by Sir Pedro de Villasur left Santa Fe, New Mexico, to gather… Read More

Duncan 1871-1971

The history of Duncan, Nebraska has been closely associated with overland routes through the Platte and… Read More

West Hill Community

This cemetery north of Genoa in Woodville Township is the center of Platte County‚Äôs West Hill area. Land… Read More

The North Brothers

The West produced many fighting men and ranking high among them are Frank and Luther North of Columbus,… Read More

Andrew Jackson Higgins, 1886-1952

Andrew Jackson Higgins, designer and manufacturer of World War 11 landing craft known as "Higgins boats,"… Read More

Alfred Maximilian Gruenther, 1899-1983

Alfred Maximilian Gruenther, four-star general in the U.S. Army, was born in Platte Center, Nebraska,… Read More