Old Fort Kearny

The increase in overland travel after 1842 resulted in the establishment of a chain of military posts… Read More

Mayhew Cabin, 1852

The Allen Mayhew Cabin built near here in 1852, is one of the oldest Nebraska structures at the original… Read More

Talmage, Nebraska, 1882-1982

This area of the Little Nemaha Valley was settled in the late 1850’s. Many settlers were Northern European… Read More

Arbor Lodge

The stately, 52-room mansion was completed in 1903 by Joy Morton, oldest son of J. Sterling and Caroline… Read More

Nebraska City

Permanent settlement in this area dates from 1846, with the establishment of old Fort Kearny on Table… Read More

Indian Treaty Monument

Table Creek Treaty with Pawnee Indians, September 24, 1857 Erected 1933 to commemorate the treaty made… Read More

Nebraska City-Fort Kearny Cutoff

You are near the old freighting trail of the Nebraska City-Fort Kearny Cutoff. Prior to railroad construction,… Read More