Giant Glacial Boulder

This boulder is one of the largest "erratics" ever recovered in the Belmont area, and was found in excavations… Read More

Civilian Conservation Corps Company 2738, Denton, Nebraska

The Civilian Conservation Corps was authorized by Congress in 1933 to provide jobs and vocational training… Read More


Home of William Jennings Bryan William Jennings Bryan was born in Salem, Illinois in 1860.… Read More

The Lincoln Regional Center

In 1869 the Nebraska legislature authorized the construction of a facility to care for mentally ill persons.… Read More

Nebraska Statehood Memorial

From 1854 to 1867 the seat of territorial and state government was in Omaha. In 1867 the State Legislature… Read More

Pershing Rifles

General John J. Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Forces to Europe in World War I, was… Read More

Nine-Mile Prairie Memorial

Marguerite Metzger Hall and Neil W. Hall Nine-Mile Prairie Memorial as a living tribute to our Pioneer… Read More

Nine-Mile Prairie

This is one of the largest tracts of virgin prairie remaining in eastern Nebraska. Starting in the 1920s,… Read More

Lincoln aviation personalities before 1930

Lincoln can boast of a colorful parade of fliers in aviation;s formative decades: Joe and Bob Westover… Read More

Lincoln Army Air Field, Lincoln Air Force Base

Lincoln Army Air field was constructed in 1942 on the former lincoln Municipal Airport. The 2,750-acre… Read More

Lincoln’s Emergence as an aviation center

From the heroics of stunt fliers at pre-World War I state fairs through the experimentation of the 1920s,… Read More

The City of Lincoln

Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska, is situated in a basin which originally attracted both Indians… Read More

The North Bottoms

The North Bottoms neighborhood was settled by Germans from Russia beginning in the 1870s. During the… Read More

Lincoln’s Founding Block

The Territorial Legislature at Omaha drew the boundaries of Lancaster County in 1855. Settlers first… Read More

The Ferguson House

William Henry Ferguson, Lincoln businessman and investor, built this house in 1909-11. It is one of the… Read More

The University of Nebraska

Chartered as a Land-Grant institution by the first regular session of the State Legislature on February… Read More

The Lewis Syford House

Elisha M. Lewis, early Nebraska pastor and missionary, built this French Second Empire style house in… Read More

County-City Building, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

On March 6, 1855, Lancaster County was created by act of the Territorial Legislature. Many early settlers… Read More

Nebraska’s Prairie Plants

These areas of grass and wildflowers are reminiscent of prairie grasslands which once stretched across… Read More


Crounse was once a small village named for Lorenzo Crounse, Nebraska Supreme Court justice (1867-73).… Read More

The Nebraska State Historical Society

In 1878 public-spirited citizens, led by former governor Robert W. Furnas, organized the Nebraska State… Read More

Bicentennial Prairie Marker, 1776-1976

You are overlooking original prairie never broken by a plow. Nebraska looked much like this 200 years… Read More