The North Loup Project

The North Loup Project was authorized as a multi-purpose flood control and irrigation project by the… Read More

Garfield County

In 1872, settlement pioneered by Charles H. Jones in what is now Garfield County, followed the North… Read More

The Calamus Valley

The source of the Calamus River is spring-fed Moon Lake, 60 miles northwest of here. The river was named… Read More

The Easter Blizzard of 1873

One of the worst storms in Nebraska history struck without warning on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1873.… Read More

The Pebble Creek Fight

In 1872-73 white settlers were moving into the North Loup Valley. Their presence sparked occasional conflicts… Read More

Kamp Kaleo

On September 29, 1875, Richard McClimans filed a timber claim on this site under the provisions for the… Read More