Butte County

Perhaps no spot in Nebraska is so surrounded by historical and geographical landmarks as this one. Numerous… Read More

German P.O.W. Camp

This camp, constructed to house three thousand men, received the first German prisoners of war in June,… Read More

Fort Robinson and the Railroad

On January 20, 1885, Congress granted the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad a right-of-way… Read More

Red Cloud Agency

Red Cloud Agency was established here in 1873 for Chief Red Cloud and his Ogalala band, as well as for… Read More

K-9 Training Area

In September 1942 the Fort Robinson War Dog Training Center was established. Barracks, classrooms, administrative… Read More

The Fort Robinson Cemetery

The first recorded interment in the Fort Robinson Cemetery was James Brogan, July 2, 1875; the last was… Read More

Officers’ Row, 1874-1875

These officers’ quarters with adobe brick walls are the oldest original building at Fort Robinson. The… Read More

The Death of Baptiste Garnier

The Chief of Fort Robinson Scouts, Baptiste "Little Bat" Garnier was shot by James Haguewood, bartender,… Read More

Chadron Creek Trading Post

Employees of Lancaster P. Lupton built a trading post on the creek near here in 1841 to trade with the… Read More

Fort Robinson

In March, 1874, the U.S. Government authorized the establishment of a military camp at the Red Cloud… Read More

1909 Brick Barracks

Of the fifteen enlisted men’s barracks of log, adobe, or fired brick, only this structure remains at… Read More

The Flight of the Cheyennes

Just before 10 P.M. on January 9, 1879, the 130 Cheyennes held in the cavalry barracks made their desperate… Read More

The Council Tree

In September 1875 a lone cottonwood provided a landmark where the Allison Commission met with thousands… Read More

Chadron State Park

In 1921 the Nebraska State Legislature created a State Park Board within the Department of Public Works.… Read More


Crawford sprang up as a tent city on land owned by homesteader-newspaper correspondent William E. Annin… Read More

Crawford 1891 School Bell

Crawford’s first high school building was erected with locally fired brick in 1890 at an approximate… Read More

The First Church in Chadron

Shortly after the townsite of Chadron was selected on August 1, 1885, the Reverend Harmon Bross, a Congregational… Read More

The Fort Pierre-Fort Laramie Trail

From about 1837 until 1850, more than a quarter million buffalo robes bought from Indians and 27 tons… Read More

Bordeaux Trading Post

From about 1846 until 1872, an Indian "trading house" occupied a site near here. Built by James Bordeaux,… Read More

Post Headquarters, 1905

The Post Headquarters was constructed in 1905. The Post Commander’s office was located here, along with… Read More

Adobe Officer’s Quarters

These duplex officers’ quarters, of adobe brick construction, were completed in 1887 when Fort Robinson… Read More

1887 Barracks Row

During the 1887 expansion of Fort Robinson 6 adobe barracks were built on the south side of the parade… Read More

Flagstaff, 1890

This flagstaff, 105 feet high, is constructed of metal pipe with a ladder and crow’s nest for buglers.… Read More

The Chadron-Chicago Cowboy Race

America’s longest horse race began here June 13, 1893. The 1,000 mile race ended June 27 in Chicago at… Read More

Officer’s Row, 1909

Consisting of four double sets and one single occupancy dwelling for the post commander, these were the… Read More

Buffalo Soldiers At Fort Robinson

Black soldiers of the Ninth and Tenth cavalry regiments (called "buffalo soldiers" by the Plains Indians)… Read More

Fighting in the Buttes

After escaping from Fort Robinson on January 9, 1879, the Cheyennes climbed the buttes to the south and… Read More

Chadron State College

Chadron was selected as the site of the fourth Nebraska State Normal School on January 8, 1910, and located… Read More