3 things you didn’t learn in driving school

Sep 10 2019

If you had to go back to driving school today, would you pass the parallel parking portion? What if the instructor tested your knowledge of car maintenance?Learning how to drive and taking care of yo

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It’s said life is a journey, not a destination. That should especially be true when you and your family are planning your next cruise vacation.Often overlooked as a key part of that journey is

The United States of Streaming: Road trip trends across the U.S. [Infographic]

Aug 29 2019

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5 essential car safety tips for pets

Aug 27 2019

Face it, everyone loves their pets. And they often want to take their pets wherever they’re going. In fact, a recent survey by Volvo Car USA and The Harris Poll found that 39% of pet owners wou

Stretch your summer in Myrtle Beach

Aug 26 2019

Has summer just flown by? Did you run out of time to take a vacation, or just can’t stand to see summer end? Maybe you want to use up the year’s vacation days before they expire.Whatever