Connecting in kindness during troubling times

Apr 8 2020

The theory that the world is interconnected to such a degree that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wing in Africa could cause a tornado in Arizona has been debated for over a century. One man wa

Barrier-Breaking, History-Making, All-Female Bridge & Officer Team Set Sail [Video]

Mar 11 2020

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Cure the winter blues in Myrtle Beach

Feb 29 2020

Dreaming of a warm beach destination this winter? If the view outside your window makes you shiver, it may be time for a warm-weather getaway — and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has you covered.

Save smarter: Tips to get your 20/20 financial vision in 2020

Feb 28 2020

When you made your resolutions at the start of the year, was saving money one of them? How's that going?According to the third annual “State of Savings in America” survey by PurePoint Fin

Historic Grant Creates Recreational Hot Spot in the Arkansas Delta

Feb 20 2020

Arkansas has become an increasingly popular destination for families, couples and even solo travelers looking for opportunities to embrace outdoor adventure and experience the state’s rich hist