There is this place called Nebraska in the center of the U.S.A.

Actually, we like to think it's the center the world-this state has it all. From the sleek cement and culture of our cities to the rich, rural lifestyles found in our small towns and farms-Nebraska is a neighborhood of diversity, history and opportunity all rooted in its deep, rich soils.

Nebraska is a scenic masterpiece that begins with majestic skies, stretching over its mighty plains. The sunrises and sunsets are silhouetted with the deep lines of many farmers' backs to the skylines of our nation's capitol and premier urban areas.

Beautiful Nebraska is far more than a scene from Interstate 80. Its real beauties are found by exploring the miles and miles of gently rolling plains disrupted only by the unique and welcoming culture of our small towns with their quality schools, churches and businesses. Nebraska is the thickest slice of Americana one can put on their life's plate. It's everything from apple pie and football to jazz bands and fine cuisine.

Nebraska's beauty also rests in things not changed yet, far from the city's view. It offers the opportunity to look away from the pavement, the stoplights, the buildings, the car in front of you and think about the world, right here, before anyone touched it with modernization. Yet, its beauty rests in more than trees and prairie grass, more than rows of corn or fields of wheat. Its greatness lies in the vision of its people-we call them modern pioneers taking on new vision and entrepreneurial ventures for this century and beyond.

As those great advisors have told us in the past, it's best to take the middle road, best to build your house far from the shore. Taking the road less traveled by has paid off for Nebraskans in all sorts of industry and life choices. Nebraska has served as a foundation for great businesses, leaders and successful families. Nebraska is a place that becomes intertwined with your soul.

So friends out there, we'd like you to become our neighbors in Nebraska. We urge you to breathe in our fresh air, welcoming culture and drink up our fresh waters and way of life while you can. We're biased, but we live in a great place-the greatest. Come and explore the nation and world's best kept secret-beautiful Nebraska. We prefer the finer things in life all wrapped up in one package. It's a firm foundation built on the beauty of changing seasons, corn rows, county fairs, great cities, marvelous schools, music, art and industry. You can find all those things a lot of different places. But, you can't find them all in one state anywhere else. Just here. Right here, in beautiful Nebraska.

Nebraska surrounded by South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.
Nebraska is located in the very center of the United States. It is surrounded by Wyoming and Colorado on the west. Iowa and Missouri on the East. South Dakota on the north and Kansas on the south.

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